EMV card products@Watchdata

Watchdata is a world leader in smart card technology and it continues to provide innovative and world-class solutions that meet each customer’s requirements. Today, Watchdata provides banking payment cards based on its TimeCOS® technology that supports EMV and many other Financial Integrated Circuit (IC) Card Specifications. Watchdata customizes its solutions according to customer requirement and works closely with its partners to ensure that payment and chip security comply with the most advanced smart card security standards available. Its vast experience and knowledge allows it to be a reliable and suitable partner in the deployment of banking solutions that support multi-application capabilities, including transportation applications with an all-in-one card. By choosing Watchdata as a partner, customers are assured of receiving what they need in establishing and maintaining end-customers’ confidence and loyalty while saving cost at the same time. All of placed on multi-application payment cards that need to be flexible and reliable.

Watchdata looks closely on customer needs. Base on CCEAL5+ certified chips, Watchdata EMV card product line separated into three categories. TimeCOS® LiteTimeCOS® Secure and TimeCOS® Combo.

Key technical specifications

TimeCOS® Lite the lite version of EMV product that focus on price competitive, TimeCOS® Secure the standard version product which supporting full EMV contact and contactless functions.

Supported EMV applications:

VISA: VSDC2.8.1T VSDC2.8.1F1

MasterCard: M/Chip 4 select v1.1b M/chip Advance v1.1


Advantage of solutions

TimeCOS® Combo the highly customized and flexible EMV banking solutions uses Watchdata’s leading-edge technology that supports multiple application capabilities, providing better convenience and flexibility to consumers in making multi activities on a single chip smart card. Watchdata’s EMV banking solutions deploy the most advanced smart card security standards available, ensuring reliability and accuracy identifying each payment transaction when in close proximity with smart card readers.