Smart Cards@Watchdata


Calypso, the open standard for contactless services originally designed by major transport operators has been used around the world for more than 20 years to improve the lives of end-users. Calypso makes transportation of commuters faster, more convenient, more flexible and the most important more secure.
Highly secured and very cost-effective, Watchdata’s TimeCOS™ Calypso technology system offers to transportation operators a complete product range fully compliant with the latest Calypso specifications. TimeCOS technology is available as a dual interface (DI) card, a contactless card or in new form factors such as Watchdata’s “Watchwear” wristbands.

And because TimeCOS technology is certified by CNA (Calypso Networks Association), a TimeCOS Calypso card can also embed additional services such as Hoplink and AMC. With Hoplink, users will be able to load their usual card with up to 16 tickets from other networks that also use Hoplink. With AMC (Citizen Multiservice Application), they will also have access to public, sport, cultural and educational services provided by municipalities (museums, libraries, universities, swimming pools…).

TimeCOS® FLY--Contactless Smart Card

Watchdata´s TimeCOS® FLY contactless smart card has passed the highest chip security test, CC EAL5+ and the e-purse/deposit test for bankcard by the Bankcard Testing Center, the most authoritative third-party testing center in China. As the only card that has passed SPA/DPA anti-attack test in the recent 4 years, TimeCOS® FLY features high security, ease of use and fast transaction speed. It has been adopted by several cities with 10-million scale smart card projects including Singapore, Beijing, Shenzhen and many others. To date, over 30 million TimeCOS® FLY cards have been shipped for the global transportation.

As a contactless payment tool, TimeCOS® FLY card could be used for bus, subway, taxi, convenience stores, etc. The users do not have to worry about the security as the microprocessor smart card provides better security features.


Elfopass (Mini card-Fashionable Non-Card Form Factor)

Non-card form factor is an alternative product form of standard contactless card. The stylish and fashionable look, together with its durability makes it very attractive to fashion lovers.

The demand for fashion follows when people´s lives improve. Having unique characteristics is what everybody wants to be or wants their offerings to be. Due to this reason, non-card form factor was introduced and has been drawing a lot of attention. The non-card form factor has such various forms other than the standard card, such as square, triangle, oval and so forth. Some are presented as key chains, accessories, watch and many others. To date, non-card form factor has been used widely in big cities in China including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Dalian.

As a leading smart card provider in the world, Watchdata has shipped over 30 million contactless microprocessor cards for global transportation. At present, Watchdata is not only producing secure and efficient microprocessor cards but also working on new form factors to broaden their application scope to satisfy our customers.

Embedded Security Access Module (ESAM)

ESAM is widely used as a secure data carrier in the financial, telecommunications, transportation and other areas. ESAM embedded security control module, using a dedicated smart card chip module package (DIP or COB) form, uses Watchdata´s proprietary operating system TimeCOS® embedded security. It also features anti-detection, anti-attack, self-destruction and other data protection characteristics.

Each ESAM has a unique serial number, which enables it to be the only identifier of equipment, which not only saves the keys and related data, but also fulfills functions including encryption/decryption, bi-directional authentication, visit access control, communication route protection and temporary key export through algorithms inside. Customized software could also be put and operate independently inside the ESAM chip. So far, Watchdata ESAM has been widely used in smart equipment that needs encryption or authentication.

PSAM card

The biggest advantage of smart cards is the application of high security reflected in two-card authentication mechanism. To meet the requirement for secure authentication, Watchdata promoted TimeCOS® PSAM card, usually inserted in a finance or transportation terminal as a secure authentication card. Shaped as a small card, it saves the main keys, authenticates user card´s validity and ensures the security of the payment. Specially designed for the fast access and payment transaction application, it has tapped into mass transit and many other fields.

TimeCOS® ePay EDEP-combining micropayment and banking card

TimeCOS® ePay ED/EP is an e-purse/deposit payment card compliant with EMV 96, a global standard for credit and debit payment cards based on chip card technology. It can be used as bankcard and micro-payment payment card.

TimeCOS® ePay ED/EP card adds additional functions to its original e-purse and e-deposit functions. E-purse includes top-up, payment with no pin required and an optional choice of payment authentication. Additional e-purse mainly focuses on debit or credit applications such as gas refilling. Another comprehensive function of TimeCOS® ePay ED/EP card include time-based or distance-based payment on buses, taxis and other mode of public transportation.