ERP2 System

Electronic Road Paring (ERP) System is an effective approach to solve the road congestion problems in major cities. ERP2 system is the next generation ERP system based on GNSS and other positioning technologies and is able to provide congestion charging based on charging points, charging zone or travel distance. With ERP2 system, the authority for the congestion management can set the charging plan for congestion control with great flexibility. The ERP2 system, can also be used to collect traffic data information from vehicles and disseminate traffic and other information to the vehicle users. Many value added services can be developed and added on to the ERP2 System.

Smart Parking System

The Smart Parking System is an effective solution for the parking resource management in major cities, for both closed car parks and roadside car parks. This System, based on DSRC, GNSS positioning and other technologies, can provide an effective approach for the car park management entities real time information for the car park occupancy and utilization, and payment collection in either prepaid or postpaid. The Smart Parking System can also provide the available parking slots and charging information to the vehicles users before they get into the parking areas, for the benefits of the users and achieve the optimized utilization of the limited parking resources.

Smart Enforcement System

Smart Enforcement System includes Roadside Enforcement System at strategic locations and Mobile Enforcement System on Vehicles. Roadside Enforcement System, based ANPR, DSRC and vehicle classification technologies can conduct enforcement to the vehicle passing by to ensure the traffic regulations are obeyed by the vehicle users. Mobile Enforcement Vehicles, can conduct enforcement at anytime and anywhere, as a effective way to ensure the traffic regulation are not broken by the vehicle users.