Smart Card Readers@Watchdata

W2380 contactless smart card reader - for e-wallet online top-up and payment

To increase their market share, the card issuers and operators have to handle these problems they are faced with: How shall they rescue the card users from queuing long for top-up? How shall they increase the tapping frequency of the all-in-one card held by people? How to enhance customer loyalty and attract more customers to the card? How to accumulate more deposit funds?

W2380 contactless reader, based on Watchdata´s Union Payment Platform solves the problems above by providing:

• Online top-up and balance check for all-in-one card

• Online shopping

• Highway contactless e-tag top-up

• Online payment for water, gas and electricity

• NFC application

Credit card-size W2380 contactless reader features an ultra-thin look and portability. It is tailored for cardholders and provides trustworthy and convenient access to contactless online micropayment.

W8160 contactless terminal for AFC-compatible with all e-tickets

Inter-city train has witnessed a leap as cross-district economic communication develops. People come and go every day from one city to another. Most of them may hold several all-in-one cards of different cities or all kinds of bankcards. Every time when they are buying the train ticket, they might ask themselves, "Why can´t I use my all-in-one cards or bankcards to buy train tickets? Why I can´t just tap and go when I am taking a train?"

By embedding W8160 terminal into AFC, the AFC will be able to accept contactless payment by the e-train ticket, all-in-one cards from different cities and also bankcards.