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SIMenergy Mobile Power Purchase Solution

In some cities, smart meters have been put into use for better management of public utilities including electricity, water and gas. It is actually a pre-paid system, in which each household needs to top up a public utility card in a bank during the office hours, insert it into a reader right outside their house and then can use the public utilities. Once the balance runs out, the utilities will be cut off.

In Beijing, the number of smart metering users has reached 4.3 million and is still growing. A quite limited number of banks as the choice of making payments during the office hours cannot meet people's top-up need. Is it possible that people could top up via mobile network anytime and anywhere?

Watchdata's SIMenergy solution puts forward a special SIM card that could also be used as an electricity card, together with a mobile power purchase platform. In October 2007, this card successfully passed Beijing Electricity Power Co.´s test.

SIM card and the electricity card both comply with ISO 7816 standard, as a major SIM card vendor for China Mobile and China Unicom, Watchdata was able to put electricity card layout into the SIM card and combine the two.

The subscribers will send via STK menu the electricity top-up application to the bank that will transfer money from a designated account to the power supplier´s account. The power supplier will then send the top-up receipt information back to the subscribers. They only need to take out the SIM card from the handset, put it into a card holder and finally insert into the electricity reader for downloading electricity.

SIMap Handset Locating Solution

We might have heard of several kinds of handset location-based solutions, among which GPS and AGPS are the most common.

GPS, a location-based solution through a GPS module in handset via SMS or mobile internet, has its limitations, for example, it only supports GPS module-embedded handsets which are more expensive, and it cannot provide indoor locating when it comes to places like car park, urban compact district.

AGPS combines both GPS and GSM to provide a more accurate and faster location method. However, AGPS still could not provide indoor location. It makes users reluctant since it needs them to change their handset, consume more battery and extra download work. Besides, it has to go through several times of network transmission, which occupies plenty of air resources of the telecom operators.

SIMap handset location-based solution is based on GSM or CDMA network. It administers location-based services through a SIM/UIM card, network gateway, client-side computer, platform server, data base server and ma engine server.

The highlight of SIMap is that it only needs a special location-based card, rather than a completely new handset or new mobile network. It can locate the target indoor or outdoor. The users do not have to administer extra operations or bear a high cost. In these fields where locating could play an important role, like logistics, express delivery, fast food, and for those people who need to be located including elderly, children, law enforcement officials, SIMap is a good choice, with its functions as follows:



-Attendance management

SIMachine Machine to Machine Solution

The demand for M2M technology continues to grow. It means, machines could, via network, become smart, “talk” with each other and exchange the real-time information. For example, the power company can connect terminal equipment to a household meter via internet and monitor the real-time data for its power consumption.

M2M has been available in Europe and South Korea, primarily used in security monitoring, mechanical services and maintenance operations, public transportation systems, fleet management, industrial automation, city information technology and other fields.

However, with M2M on the spotlight, not all the current equipment can communicate with each other or are connected to the internet. That is a problem, which Watchdata´s SIMachine is supposed to solve.

In SIMachine solution, a SIMachine module (like a SIM card) is embedded into a machine device. This module will then enable the machine to be connected to the internet, usually via mobile network with SIMachine platform. If two machines can both be connected to the internet, they will be able to communicate to each other.

Meanwhile, the numbers for SIMachine module are well controlled to avoid a waste of number resources. The open feature of SIMachine platform is also designed for customized businesses facing industrial users.