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Watchdata has continuously provided the telecommunication industry proven and tested innovative SIM card solutions. It has supplied more than 700 million SIM cards to date, delivering to 11 of the world´s top 15 mobile telecom operators and specializing in 2G, 3G, GSMA and CDMA technology.


SIMotp is a SIM card that subscribers could use for OTP (One-time Password) authentication based on smart phone's security system for businesses like mobile payment, money transfer, etc.

As an easy-to-deploy product, SIMotp has been widely used around the world for authentication, especially in computer game cards. For telecom operators, its low cost and convenience for users is a plus.

With a SIMotp card in their handset, users only have to enter PIN and another code through STK menu to get an OTP for authentication. The whole process is easy and secure.

SIMap Card

SIMap card is a special SIM card to locate subscribers and record their track information closely related with the closest base transceiver station. When they move, the base transceiver stations vary and their information will be recorded and transmitted at the server's request. So subscribers can be traced.

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SIMfixed Card

SIMfixed is a phone card for wireless phone. It could ensure security of key issuance and usage, thus it ensures specific wireless phones could only read corresponding phone cards, for example, wireless phones from one telecom operator could not read a phone card from another operator. This prevents phone cards forgery and other illegal activities.


SIManagement card is a special SIM card used in a terminal at an agent´s and authorizes the agent to issue SIM cards to subscribers, help them fulfill OTA services like top-up, balance check and other related SIM card applications.


• Phone number selection

• OTA top-up

• Services selection

• OTA Personalization

• Information distribution

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SIMkey Card

SIMkey is a special SIM card that could be connected to the internet and finally a client server via mobile network. It is commonly used for e-commerce, e-government, mobile banking (online payment), etc.

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SIMportal Card

SIMportal card is an information service SIM card based on STK, OTA, large-capacity inquiry and perusal technologies, highlighted by its low cost, end-to-end information posting and no bugging subscribers. It means, when inserting a SIMportal™ card into a handset, users could check real-time information posted by merchants through the STK menu.

SIMpass™ Card

SIMpass™ card is a SIM card which is inserted into a handset and enables people to tap and go for mass transit, shopping, petrol refueling and many others.

SIMachine Card

SIMachine card/module is a special SIM card, which can work under harsh environment and can meet users´ security requirements through PK functions. It can help customers reduce maintenance cost.