• 2019   Watchdata got certified by Calypso Network Association for his TimeCOS CLAP OS.
  • 2018   Watchdata passed “GP TEE” Security assessment certification.
  • 2017   WATCHWEAR is sold abroad in Singapore.
  • 2016   Watchdata has established personalized centers in India and Brazil to strengthen the global supply chain layout.
  • 2015   Sharkey Smart Payment Wearable Devices deployed in consumer market. 

          Card customize platform served for individuals. 

          Won “Top 10 The Most Influential Enterprises in Beijing.”

  • 2014   TimeCOS Roaming card won Asian SESAMES Award.

          WatchTrust multi-layer mobile security total solution was launched.

  • 2013   Triumphed at the 2013 Frost & Sullivan Electronics Industry Excellence Awards.

          SIMpass™ wins “Best Customer Experience”at the 2013 Contactless & Mobile Awards in London.

  • 2012   Won CARTES Asia SESAMES Award for SIMpass-SC mobile payment solution. 

          Awarded Valued Partner for delivery excellence from Bharti Airtel limited.

          Personalization Factory opened in Bangalore, India.

  • 2011   Selected to help develop Singapore 2nd generation ERP2 toll collection system.
  • 2010   Won CARTES Sesames Award for DBS Bank 3-in-1 smartcard.
  • 2009   Created first CEPAS smartcard for Singapore EZ-link transportation system.
  • 2008   "Annual shipments of smart devices exceed 200 million units. Listed among top 100 software enterprises in revenue."
  • 2007   First PKI-encrypted Watchdata SIM cards deployed.
  • 2006   SIMpass™ NFC mobile payment solution launched.
  • 2005   Forbes declares Watchdata #1 SME enterprise in Asia.
  • 2004   WatckKey OCL 2nd generation e-banking enhanced security token launched.
  • 2002   First deployment of PKI-USB e-banking security token (WatchKey).

          Listed among top 10 smartcard producers in the world.

  • 2001   Largest implementation of dual-interface smartcard technology (Dalian, China).
  • 2000   Watchdata SIM card certification achieved.
  • 1999   ESAM and smartcard public utility metering project awarded.
  • 1998   Watchdata participates in defining ISO14443 contactless smartcard standards.
  • 1997   Watchdata secure online authentication system wins PBOC award.
  • 1996   First smartcard operating system (TimeCOS) launched.
  • 1994   Watchdata founded.