MeSIM is a whole security solution for M2M fild. Watchdata researches it independently, with all of its proprietary intellectual property and manufacturingtechnology.MeSIM contains two parts named MeSIM-card and WD-STSS . Types of security threats affect the future of the M2M product markting. People may focus more on the security quality of the M2M products.

MeSIM-card faces to M2M product markting and havesome different shaps and materials as follows:

MeSIM platform:

MeSIM-card contains four fuctions:card-machine binding, Multi-IMSInumbersmanage, Identity Authentication andencryption-decryption, security storage.

 WD-STSS containsseveral modules: key distribution and preload, binding authentication cryptographic service, IoT business center, IoT devices and user/APP.

MeSIM  Advantages:

1Low Cost----Card-machine binding can limit the scope for valid users. If you want to add this function to your M2M device, you need not to change the device. It may save the cost for you.

2More cheap andConvenient----Multi-IMSI solution is veryConvenient for International Roaming. User can preset tow or morePersonalized datas into the card. And also user can load the right IMSI(lowtelecommunications service charges)data over the air after he goes to the area.

3 Security----MeSIM card can achieve EAL4+ security level at least. Keys can save in the cards and finish theencryption-decryption.Sensitive Datas can be protected in MeSIM card. Only valid user can read and write the data stored in MeSIM card.


Case: Security smart lock solution