Focusing on the Finance Industry for 24 years, Watchdata provides FinTech (banking cards and tokens)to more than 60 financial institutions worldwide, with more than 150 million individual and corporate users.



With more than 60 transportation operator partners worldwide, more than 80 million people uses Watchdata's transportation solutions everyday.



With 50 telecom operator partners worldwide and 10% global SIM cards market share, our solutions benefit more than 4 billion users.


Public sector

Providing government agencies with customised national identification and data protection solutions to ensure information security and support in government network security.



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Financial IC Card

Our Financial IC Cards comply with PBOC 2.0, Visa, MasterCard, and JETCo Standards.

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WatchWear devices can be used for public transportation, with added functions for purchasing, fitness activity tracking, and mobile applications' notifications.

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Electronic Toll Collection (ETC)

Watchdata is one of the companies in the industry that provides a comprehensive solution in Electronic Toll Collection system.

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Transportation Card

Transportation card for the city which can be used for bus, subway, and cab...


Watchdata has become one of the top suppliers of our telecommunications card. This award represents our recognition of the excellent products and services provided by our company. We are glad to see that this is a company that is impeccable in cost and quality...
Bharti Airtel, the largest telecom operator in India, operates in more than 20 countries.

Shows their strong expectations and support for technical capabilities, and fully compatibles the PKI USB token with the ICP standard without affecting the transition to product performance. This is Brazil's first PKI USB token product and we are very happy..
ICP Laboratory of the National Institute of Information Technology (ITI) and LSI-Tec

Thanks to the company's strong support for Huawei's business, Watchdata has created more business opportunities in the blue ocean market thanks to its advanced solutions, innovative delivery processes, fast response times, and professional service teams working closely with Huawei...
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd

Watchdata provides a personal internet recharge terminal, which marks a historic digital progression of our products..
Paris Independent Transport Company